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With the ElephantBenefit360, you get access to all your insurance needs. Exclusive Discounted offers by using Corporate Email ID

Experience Power of Insurance

Experience Power of Insurance

With the ElephantBenefit360, you get access to all your insurance needs. Exclusive Discounted offers by using Corporate Email ID

Best-in-Class Claim management

Best-in-Class Claim management

Our experienced and dedicated claims hub will help you manage your claims effortlessly with speedy settlement

Hotline Cashless

Hotline Cashless

24/7 cashless emergency helpline for round-the-clock assistance and timely updates

Elephant Superpower

Elephant Superpower

Exclusive Insurance offerings with comprehensive coverages at Affordable and transparent prices


Our Wellness Services Includes

  • 24*7
    Doctor assistance

    Our customers get benefited to this 24/7 Telephonic Helpline for Instant Medical Advice. The service gives direct access to a qualified doctor over the phone

    Doctor assistance
  • Discounted
    Health Checkup

    Priority/Discounted Health Check-ups in Hospital and Diagnostic chains across India.

    Discounted Health Checkup
  • Doorstep
    Medicine Delivery

    Order Medicine from the comfort of your home. Discounted doorstep Medical Supplies delivery across the country.

    Doorstep Medicine Delivery
  • Tech Enabled
    Health Risk Assessment

    The multi-dimensional comprehensive digital health risk assessment by maintaining individual employee confidentiality.

    Tech Enabled Health Risk Assessment

Next-Level Fitness Tracking with Proprietary Patents


Built in to track, monitor Daily Health records.


Aggregate Health Score measurement


Realtime Fitness Monitoring


Gamification & Health Challenges


Discounted offerings on Habit Coaching, High Intensity Yoga and many more

What our Customers Say

  • I thank you for your support. You’ve supported me through a tough time , your help has been invaluable. Thank you so much.

    Kushal Bora

    Sheela Foam Ltd

  • I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support during a crucial time in my life. Your assistance with the cashless claim when my wife was admitted for the delivery of our child meant the world to us. Thank you once again for your invaluable support. We will always remember your kindness.

    Pushpendra Singh

    Mando Softech India Pvt Ltd

  • I am thankful to you for the support you provided for the insurance claim. You have been of great help and answered all my queries even at odd times.

    Dr. Navjot Hothi

    UPES (University of petroleum )

  • We sincerely appreciate the excellent First Aid and CPR training session you and your team provided to our staff. Your team expertise, dedication, and engaging approach made the training truly informative and enjoyable. Once again, thank you for your outstanding efforts and for going above and beyond in delivering a wonderful training experience.

    Savita Shetty


  • During My father knee transplant surgery and before admission I was very scared about everything that how I need to pay the amount & how I got benefited from insurance but from day one to discharge it was seriously amazing to connect Alliance Team. These people made it very easy. Thanks a lot.

    Arpit Shrivastava

    OYO Rooms

  • At your end response time and all things are excellent. And also, we are happy in your service. Feedback regarding your services 10 out of 10.

    Sanjay Kumar Kulshrestha

    PPAP Tokai India Pvt. Ltd

  • I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to your entire team for their outstanding efforts. Your exceptional service has made a significant impact on our lives, and we are grateful for the support you have provided.

    Dr. Gagan Anand

    UPES (University of petroleum )

  • My cashless medical policy was done very quickly and easily. Of course, I’m surprised that it was done in one day. The problem was resolved within minutes of letting you know about the delay. We are glad that we are associated with a truly excellent insurance partner. Thank you for supporting us.


    Sheela Foam Ltd.

  • Your full-time support even after working hour (up to late night communications) had given me confidence that with all your support we are really in safe hands for any emergency medical support. “THANKS, YOU SO MUCH” For your personal involvement & support.

    Satish Kumar Sharma

    VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd.

  • Thank you for your assistance for the Mediclaim. Your response was very quick and helpful. It was necessary and very important for me at such a time when my family members were admitted in hospital.

    Sarvesh Pachpande


  • Thank for such a quick response whenever I had a query. Team was very humble and polite and was always available whenever I needed support. It was a very pleasant and awesome experience for me.

    Vijaykumar Pati

    Get my parking

Frequently Asked Question

The customer needs to find a network hospital to get a Cashless facility. The hospital Insurance desk will provide a Pre-authorization form to be filled which has two parts. Part 1 needs to be filled by the patient or the patient’s family and part 2 needs to the filled by the Hospital authority/Treating doctor. The filled form from the insurance helpdesk will be sent to TPA. Once the pre-authorization form is received by TPA, the case will be processed within 3-4 hours and the initial authorization letter (approved or rejected) will be shared with the hospital by TPA.


For planned hospitalization: - Pre-authorization form to be sent before 48 hours of hospitalization.

For Emergency: - Pre-authorization form to be sent within 4-6 hours from the time of admission.

On the date of discharge, the hospital team has to send the final bill with break up and discharge summary to TPA After the receipt, within 2 hrs the enhancement (as per policy limits) will be processed after deducting the non-medical expenses (paid by the patient) and an approval letter will be sent to hospital fax or email.

Note: - Co-pay (if applicable) has to be paid by the policyholder Some of the Hospitals are Preferred Provide Network (PPN), Gipsa and Hospital tariff, if cashless is taken in those hospitals the final approval will be as per the respective tariff.

If it is a planned hospitalization then the pre-authorization request needs to be sent 48 hours from the date of admission. In case of emergency, the pre-authorisation request needs to be sent within 6 hours from the time of admission.

The policyholder needs to pay the non-medical expenses and the co-pay amount (if applicable). He will need to pay the difference amount (the difference between the final bill and the approved amount).

Medical expenses are: Admission fees, Registration fees, gloves, blade, water bed, food & beverages, extra bed etc., Policy holder needs to pay for these expenses which are not covered by insurance policy terms and conditions.

A minimum of 24 hours of hospitalization (if not day-care) with an active line of treatment is required. However, there are a few specific ailments /procedures specified in the policy which can be covered even though the period of hospitalization is less than 24 hours. Such as Dialysis, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Eye Surgery etc.,

Rejection will be done as per the policy terms and coverage, below are a few examples of rejection.

  1. If hospitalization is for observation & investigation purposes
  2. If any particular aliment/disease/treatment is found not covered under policy terms and condition
  3. If found that the treatment can be done under an OPD basis
  4. If found that no active line of treatment is available
  5. If Shortfall and the policyholder has not responded within the given TAT
  6. If a policy is invalid
  7. Rejection of cashless is not a denial of treatment. You may proceed with reimbursement claim submission.

In such a situation the policyholder will be liable to pay the difference amount. During Cashless TPA inform the hospital about the policyholder’s eligible amount and the hospital will recover the amount over and above the credit amount from the policyholder directly at the time of Discharge

Reimbursement Claim and Cashless Network Claim (for Hospital).

TPA will assess the validity of the claim based on the documents submitted, validate the policy, validate the treatment undergone and settle the claim within the claim settlement parameters. In case of claim does not adhere to parameters, the case would be rejected.

If Documents are not completed, then TPA will request the additional shortfall documents

Note: If any bills and receipts are not supported by valid documents, then the claimed amount of that bill will not be processed.

You should submit the entire set of ORIGINAL DOCUMENTs like

  1. Claim form duly signed
  2. TPA card (photocopy)
  3. Identity Proof (photocopy)
  4. Discharge summary with seal & signature of the hospital authority
  5. In-patient bills
  6. Doctor’s prescription
  7. Pharmacy bills with breakups
  8. Investigation reports like MRI, ECG, CT scan, and X-Ray etc
  9. Laboratory reports
  10. Paid receipt with hospital seal & signature
  11. Cancelled cheque copy for claim payment.

Note: During processing, in case of any additional document TPA will raise a Shortfall query

Shortfall query documents are those which are not submitted by the claimant, which is mandatory for the further claim process.

The amount which is not approved is a disallowed amount such as Non-medical expenses, no proper bill break up, Lab report not submitted, aliment capping exceeds the Sum insured Etc.

Day Care surgeries are those which do not require 24 hours of hospitalization such as Cataract (Eye) surgery, Dialysis, Kidney stone removal, Chemotherapy, D&C etc.

Depending on Insurance policy some of the day care surgeries are payable according to terms and conditions.

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